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1-Minute Exercises To Lose 10 Pounds In 10 Days

1-Minute Exercises To Lose 10 Pounds In 10 Days

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  1. Abby ღ says:

    if my sister is 11 years old is it good to do?

  2. Butter Bish says:

    i had been doing this for 3 days but last night i was frustated and i ate some sweets. i fricked up, i know. now, let me restart this workout.

    day 1, bish. 10 pound, im coming.

  3. Benazir Fathima says:

    Hi, Roberta!

    One of the best workout with timer and visual too, which helps us very much to do,

    Pls upload diastasis recti workouts

  4. Holy Mary says:

    Wow so good I liked so much 👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍❤️❤️❤️❤️

  5. rashmi joshi says:

    Do u think for 90 kg person do ski hops?? Suggest something else..

  6. Jaya Lakshmi says:


  7. nathaniel mhine says:

    Squat everyday 20x ..its effective to me..thanks for this video

  8. jennifer aguilar says:

    What he meant by 1 minute exercise is that each exercise is 1 minute like for example slow burpees

  9. Akanksha Tembhurne says:

    Plz suggest something I m 117 kg I could not able to do diat plz

  10. pepper coton says:

    I did it for 10 days. Didn't even lose 1 pound 🙁

  11. Isso Cell says:

    I really like working out with u thanks alot

  12. Isso Cell says:

    Do i really lose 10pds in 10 days

  13. Jess Shaka says:

    I will start this workout Tomorrow so I’ll try my best to update

  14. Valerie Carrillo says:

    no hate but why does he count sooo slow

  15. Prathibha Gurumurthaiah says:


  16. xd_ firewall247 says:

    Do we do it once a day

  17. Shaju Padinjakara says:

    Can I do this at anytime?

  18. Najihah Bakri says:

    I thought it'll takes only a minute T_T

  19. hajira rehman says:

    Srarting from today, will update in 10 days wish me luck ❤❤

  20. Laura Dol says:

    Hi roberta can you advise me the best workout to Lose 10 Kg in 1 Months. Thank you 💕

  21. Frédérique says:

    Thank you so much for this compilation. I have 10 pounds to loose ! So I begin now. I'm going to see results on my body in 10 days !

  22. Antonio Biorato says:

    Who else couldn't do the slow burpees?😭

  23. Cu bz says:

    Ok I have a huge question, I'm a 13y female 115lbs and 5'2, approximately how long would it take for me to get to 100lbs?

  24. Sunita Bharti says:

    Thanks Roberta 🤗😘…..gonna do this tomorrow

  25. Rocio Tecoya says:


  26. Reham Elfaki says:

    I am now 146 pounds so do you think this 17 min workout will help me reduce fat and I can really lose 10 pounds in 10 days, NO MATTER WHAT I EAT or Should I do any other workout and if I should can you tell me which workout from your channel ? Please please answer.

  27. Anjali Patil says:

    thanks for sharing. I will try it from tomorrow

  28. Fathima MZ Safra says:


  29. Gacha Girl says:

    I am 11 years old, but I weigh 40kg, mainly because I am tall for my age- 148cm- But I want to lose all the weight soon, because I want to be a healthy person! No one told me to do this, and people say I’m too young to care about my weight, but I want to love a healthy life! Is there anything wrong with taking my weight seriously? Am I overweight?

  30. Just Me says:

    My obsession with your workouts videos does wonders on my body. Thanks Roberta😊

  31. Deep Shikha yadav says:

    I think🤔 there should be different🤗 exercises on different 🤗days
    Can u plz 😇make a playlist of weight loss of 5 kg in 7 days
    With different🤗 7 video each day
    Plz🙂 plz🙄 plz 🤐😮😔

  32. creation world says:

    I am going to do this exercise from today .
    I will update daily..

  33. 谁都是吃货 says:

    Sis if we feel like resting halfway thru the journey can we just have one rest day and get back to the workout the following day?? Thanks i have been wanting to ask you this!

  34. Manoj Verma says:

    My weight is 95 kg. . This 17 mint exrcise is enough for reduce fat

  35. Sravanthi Kothapalli says:

    I follow your exercises….. Thank u so much

  36. mita savla says:

    Hi Roberta..pls share upper body dumbell workout for fat loss

  37. Dam S says:

    Do this really work Roberta please answer Roberta please see……


    She means every exercice is 1minute

  39. Md Manzoor says:

    Hi Roberta, you and your workout is amazing. I do your breast excercise from your play list.

  40. Cold appearance but heart warming peraon says:

    Guys I have some tips for you first of all before my weight is 61-62 but now I am currently 54-55 well im eating less and im avoiding sofdrinks, sweets then I also doing some exercise

  41. Raina Laken says:

    This isn’t one min wtf

  42. Karishma Anikha says:

    Workout for teenagers to lose weight fast pls

  43. kaur Jatti says:

    First….Roberta for getting good result only this exercise has too b done or something else from ur other viideos……is this 17 min enough?

  44. Rahul singh says:

    Hey I am 15 year old my weight is 52 and my friend tell me faty I am very sad 😢 so please show me exercise I also checked your kids exercise but I don't like jumping jack please Robert gym help me. At home

  45. Keerthi Tamil says:

    Hi Roberta's my weight is 79, height 162 cm I will loss around 20kg this exercise help to me

  46. Bhavika Patel says:


  47. jeeva thillai says:

    I'm first view and first comment😘😘

  48. Yuvraj Ahuja says:

    Thank you