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10 min Workout on Period! Best Exercises During "That T…

10 min Workout on Period! Best Exercises During "That T…

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  1. Emi Wong says:

    I also post what I eat everyday on my instagram stories – hope that would give you some meals ideas and tips!

  2. Vaishali S says:

    Am I the only person who can even barely walk during period?

  3. İlknur Biçer says:

    how….i felt too much pain doing exercise on my period just now :(((

  4. kpop_ edite says:

    But people say we shouldn't jump through our period

  5. I'm a parasite -_- says:

    I'm gonna get my period in a few days, so I'm checking this in advance

    Edit: I got my period today ㅠ ㅠ

  6. The Girl From Academics says:

    Now I liked this vid the internet will stalk me and put period stuff. 😲😳

  7. Agneya 악네야 Blaze says:

    When I got to reach through my cat started rolling on my mat next to me as if to say "YAAY! WE'RE PLAYING ON THE FLOOR" XD

  8. Di Petrenko says:

    Thank you for doing this special workout!

  9. Omg! Someone Actually says:

    I told myself that on new year I will hella change, I hit my time of the month, it came late.
    Me:,, Nah, I want to change.”

  10. Zhamilya says:

    Wow Emi! This is a wonderful workout!
    It made me feel the way better than before , even though I had terrible cramps…
    I am going to do this workout everytime I have periods

  11. Elaine David says:

    My cramps are awful and painful. Send help.

  12. Rahaf 311 says:

    This workout is amazing , my period is the hardest time in the month and specially the first two days i skip the workout then I start to do gentle activities like walking but now i'll keep doing this workout .

  13. Makhni G says:

    Article and constantly bugging abt periods… Meetings parents and etc etc etc etc

  14. Aj ARMY says:

    So…I got an ad that told me to not exercise…that was…strange

  15. Bansi Shukla says:

    Today is my second day of periodd nd i did this..i m tired now bt it was nice experience

  16. Lubaba Khan says:

    Can I do this workout in Norma days ?

  17. StandUpSims says:

    did anyone else find this workout strangely easy…?

  18. _bxby Nyah_ says:

    I did ittttt🥳very helpful😌

  19. manju chaudhari says:

    Amazing amazing amazing love love this from India

  20. M R says:

    Loved it. Thanks Emi for helping even at this time of the month

  21. Pau Olímpica says:

    #period 26/11
    Day 1: done

  22. Patricia Andrade says:

    hi how much calorie this exercise burn?

  23. Antara Dutta says:

    This is quite tuff to do in those days

  24. A Person says:

    How many calories do you loose by doing this

  25. Renuka Devi says:

    is it safe to exercise during periods

  26. Asishpur says:

    This exercise so effective.

  27. Shaker boy says:

    Are you korean

  28. Nandita Das says:

    Alrdy done 20lunges n 30squats during periods in pain watching this to know where I go wrong 😢

  29. Ina P says:

    I honestly like working out when I have my monthly menstruation. It makes my period duration much shorter (about 3 days, when I dont exercise it takes about 6-7 days) as it pumps out the blood more and faster.

  30. Yuka Han says:

    Thank you girl!!!! I didnt want to do something intense because itss o hard to do intense workouts with a pad on, but i still wanted to work out. I found this and i feel so much better now after doing it. Love youuu💜💜💜

  31. lala ali says:

    This actually relieved my cramps!!! Thank you

  32. Sharon K says:

    Thank you

  33. liVeForToday says:

    I really have too much flow in my periods.. is it okay for doing this exercise?