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10 Minute Real-Time Resistance Band Workout – Do It Anywhere…

10 Minute Real-Time Resistance Band Workout – Do It Anywhere…

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  1. TheZeusFitness says:

    I absolutely love resistance bands. The ability to hit an amazing workout literally anywhere. When I on the move or travelling these literally come with me everywhere – Perfect Resistance band sets to get started
    US – amzn.to/2k9h76B UK – amzn.to/2m9xKQl

  2. Shazid Samir says:

    Does this exercise help to lose weight?

  3. John Martin says:

    What strength is best? I am looking at a 15kg tube.

  4. disturbio hooligan says:

    Good work bro.can you show me excercises for legs with resistance bands?

  5. K. Brown says:

    For about 10 seconds I couldn’t understand what he was saying then I realised it was the accent. Understood perfectly after that. #Braveheart😁

  6. Thomas Fox says:

    What weight resistance is this band?

  7. Neon diamonds Aquaberry says:

    CAn this be done anywhere ?

  8. Umair Khan says:

    This guy looks like Drago from Creed 2

  9. Yuhboii Productions says:

    Thank you for this video u gorgeous beautiful man😍😍😋😋😄

  10. Matthew Carpenter says:

    Can you build muscle this way?

  11. ilTubodiEliGabri™ says:

    But can the elastic bar replace the gym instruments?

    I mean, if you don't go to the gym, it's better to buy this thing or some weights?

  12. guo li says:

    Good elasticity http://www.amazon.com/dp/B07GFM6GG1

  13. Real Rival says:

    I live in a 700squarefeet apartment …guess band is the best answer than free weight

  14. Sean L says:

    It's all fun & games until one breaks and takes out an eye 💀

  15. Diamond Dog 77 says:

    He reminds me of the residents of Skellige with the muscles, tats and the accent.

  16. Daniel Hursey says:

    Works wonders when you're doing at home stuff for the weekend then work and gym during the week

  17. 7rue Op1n1on says:

    Zeus Fitness without a beard? Weak

  18. Recksz N Kingz Activities #RKA T.V. says:

    Thanks for the clip 💯

  19. Martha Helena Otálvaro Benjumea says:

    Necesito tonificar un poco la espalda utilizando bandas…

  20. Martha Helena Otálvaro Benjumea says:

    Gracias!!!!!! excelentes…………….

  21. amlan dutta says:

    If i am working out for 2years..50lb resistance band is good for me or 30lb ?

  22. Mike H says:

    What about a chest workout?

  23. Armored Sentinel says:

    I love lifting iron, but why are these not more used? I hardly use weights now. Ingenious workout tool.

  24. Sajjad Rawoot says:

    can i get presure on body by it

  25. Thuan Jimmy Le says:

    Wonder how long it can be endurable for ???

  26. Graham Pick says:

    You start with big body parts not small ones ie back or chest then shoulders and arms last

  27. George Ramos says:

    What brand of band are those ? Man

  28. Jany Bernardo says:

    I learned a lot with you!!!! Thank you

  29. Avnit Raj says:

    Awesome video bro….

  30. Shubham Mish says:

    Make more videos on resistance band

  31. Judson McCarthy says:

    Thanks big dog

  32. majestic1979 says:

    I use these sometimes and has a different kind of intensity from free weights. I like the burn on these. Thank for the tips💪

  33. Meek Rodriguez says:


  34. Meek Rodriguez says:

    Nice workout video

  35. Stewart Mackay says:

    I get confused with all the colours and thickness, how does it all work?

  36. Qwuin says:

    very helpful thank you

  37. Kilo Mike says:

    Always a fan of no less than cable machines,but trucking doesn’t allow me to get to the gym always.Everyone is giving them great praise so I’ll check them out.Thanks Zeus.

  38. Vicente Tsvetkov says:

    Could you show a cardio workout with those mimicking as much as possible a rowing machine/rowing in general?

  39. Jeff Creed says:

    Basics=The Best!!!

  40. Mike Studmuffin says:

    I'm a rubber band master. How many stretches before the bands snap or lose tension?

  41. Tina Best says:

    Ty I am doing this outside my semi. Lost 22 lbs now toning.. keto IF for life..

  42. Afro Sam R Eye says:

    i sont have an extruding pole popping out of my wall so i cant do some of these. i just have my legs, thigs, torso, arms, neck, head and the ground i stand on

  43. Rick Boyd says:

    Stop blabbing just show the workout

  44. Andy Harvey says:

    Could you show me how to do chest,back and shoulders? Thanks

  45. Amanjot Sidhu says:

    It's helpful for shoulder pain ??