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10 Simple Exercises To Lose Belly Fat in 10 Days

10 Simple Exercises To Lose Belly Fat in 10 Days

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  1. Mara Jai says:

    These were the standard workout exercises at my school, people said it looked like I lost weight, I think I did but then again I don't pay attention to my body . I just did it to pass class

  2. Alma Alvarez says:


  3. Pelon Morales says:

    Do we do all these in one day

  4. Federica Di Fraia says:

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  5. Eduardo Lauren says:

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  6. Ryne_168 says:

    I got a weight loss ad…

  7. Jordan Thomson says:

    better yet eat healthy so you don't get fat (its boring I know)

  8. Jordan Thomson says:

    Notice there's no fat people doing it because they cant!

  9. Denisse Febus says:

    I love your vid's

  10. WvW Weekender Video Watch says:

    would crunching while walking about help ? without actually doing any other exercises ? pulling the belly in and out ?

  11. Nayzet Meza says:

    I am actually eating portions

  12. Rohit Sharma says:

    Which song are using in background

  13. Sophie Hatem says:

    Thank you so much

  14. Meow Milev says:

    All these move are shit! Even the inventor doesn't look good!

  15. Alison Tavener says:


  16. Sodax6 says:

    just eat less/good and exercise ?

  17. Miguel tvid says:

    i always pause video before it even begins just to scroll comment section
    and to leave a comment
    and leave

  18. Unkown Neon says:

    Who else is watching even though they are skinny

  19. Kadita Ocean Goddess says:

    Who else tried this while watching the video

  20. karma * says:

    m not fatty..but m not slim too..so i want 2 burn mah fat!!😥😥

  21. Hannah Retzlaff says:

    I am going to try this every day and see if it works. I will update you guys so that you see. Just sometimes remind me in the comments

    Edit: hey guys I decided that I shouldn't do it because I looked in the mirror and thought that I was fat but I'm not really I learned to be body confident and you guys should too. Maybe when I am not confident I will try. I know this isn't the update you were looking for but there it is. To be confident in yourself each one of us is different. Love you guys

  22. cg Priya says:

    The views r so low in it channel it used to be all much aww I feel sad

  23. Ajah Norman says:

    I’m so tired and I love you 💕😘

  24. Chris G says:

    80% diet
    20% exersize
    You cant target the belly fat

  25. Jan Chin says:

    why bother?

  26. BrandonSzn says:

    Please don’t believe this guys. It sounds great but when you try it and don’t get what they promised. You’ll be crushed… it takes much more!

  27. Cheedy says:

    Nobody believe this shit, it takes a long time for you to loose body fat, not to mention you cannot loose just belly fat, you loose all fat which of course makes it hard to loose belly fat. Eat small and healthy, and burn more than you eat to create a healthy deficit.

  28. Mikayla Barton says:

    Thanks for this video.
    This video came out on the day I had an emotional breakdown over my weight since my family kept making fun of me. I don’t know if I’m fat or not due to body dysmorphia, but I am going to try these exercises.

  29. SoiBhan says:

    even YouTube knows I’m fat

  30. Naomi H. says:

    Lol i need to watch this everyday because I need to get slimmer for Prom

  31. Abdul Choudhury says:

    What about mental exercise … will power … calorie count … keeping a photo journal of progress

  32. PeRfEcTiOnIsT says:

    Holy shit 12mil subs really?!

  33. Codebreaker45 says:

    Squat thrusts don't include standing.
    And proper medicine balls don't bounce.

    Don't try and make people exercise using Wikipedia info. It doesn't work. This video is proof.

  34. Aqua 642 says:

    These exercises only burn fat if you’re in a calorie deficit (meaning eating less than you’re burning). It is not possible to target an area for fat loss; when you lose fat, it comes off from all parts of your body. Also, you can’t burn off a bad diet.

  35. Sammie De says:

    You can NOT spot reduce!!! Good healthy food will get rid of your gut.

  36. Alexis Javier says:

    Important message before you watch this video: YOU CAN'T SPOT REDUCE BELLY FAT.