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2016 Year in Video Review – Thank you for your SUPPORT!!

2016 Year in Video Review – Thank you for your SUPPORT!!

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  1. dwreck Fitness says:

    love this channel keep it up bro and see you in 2017 💪

  2. Ivanka Cekcep says:

    Happy new year Bud………………………………….

  3. Jorge Gutierrez says:

    keep it up bro

  4. Andy and Susie says:

    we can see the positve difference in you over time and it looks good. I wish my bunny rubble could be as dedicated as you , my problem is I have to really force the rabbit to get started and lift his shit and he actually hates it. I make him hit the same muscle 2 or three times a week, when my rabbit starts his cycle he is keen and feels good I recon but the feel good factor doesn't last long and he has a mental battle going on to get motivated after a few days . I see the gainz he makes and its good to see. he trains at home in a training room that I set up . maybe I need to get him training in public . as he always seems more motivated when he sees the eye candy around. talking of eye candy that women of yours is looking fine as ever. . keep up the good work and happy new year to you and your lovely lady.

  5. Drayzer01 says:

    Happy New Years bro !

  6. Ryan RUSSO says:

    s4 vision 3:09 😂

  7. Wilson Vega says:

    happy new year mature muscle looking forward to the next chapter of your channel and of your big boy stack

  8. teri says:

    love this : )

  9. Damian Dunlap says:

    Happy New Years

  10. Claudius Henry says:

    Happy New Year. I enjoy the channel a lot. I love the info on the skittles.

  11. Jsh says:

    MR. GAINZ.

  12. MoeGreen says:

    Happy New Years bro. Man Rhonda got her ass kicked you see that shit? If you didn't check it out. Peace.