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9 wonderful water workouts: Lose fat, get fit! (Episode 55)

9 wonderful water workouts: Lose fat, get fit! (Episode 55)

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  1. Elisha Lowe says:

    Great video Stephanie! I'm in my 40's and have been learning a lot from our Boomers clients as my loved ones. This is very helpful…love!

  2. Brenda Abraham says:

    This is a great workout and even my arthritic knees feel better. I do laps in between exercises and I'm working towards three sets doing each exercise 30 times. I can spend a couple of hours in the pool, love the water.  It's accelerated my weight loss and I feel energized afterwards. Thank you for posting.

  3. Deborah Camacho says:

    for today!

  4. John Hedges says:

    what shoes are you wearing and do you need them? 

  5. Julia Newman says:

    This is a really useful and informative video

  6. Bridgitt Lee says:

    Love this! Also do dry land( cycling, elliptical, zumba, etc.). Love swimming and aqua running, aqua zumba.

  7. L Burns says:

    This all is not true. All that jumping makes the knees hurt so bad. These are great exercises, but I would like to warn all those with joint issues, not to do all that jumping, and keep your exercises under the water.

  8. Umesh Chauhan says:

    very good workout

  9. Charlotte Jess says:

    What kind of aqua shoes were you all wearing? I wear ryka aqua fit to class 3x a week. I'd like to get a different pair.

  10. Barbara Lee says:

    I grew up on a freshwater lake and was a lifelong snob about pools. Then I got older and needed easy exercise. From one hesitant aquafit class a month I have become a 1 to 2 class a day addict and never do less than 2 hours in the pool 5 days a week. These vids are a great way to learn new moves.

    The other day, going to the pool, I felt a cool breeze and realized my pants were down around my ankles. Weight loss is great but so is the general feeling of well being and better fitness benefits.

    I am so lazy ~ just toss on my housecoat over my bathing suit .. then my coat. Go to the pool, rinse off after, toss on my housecoat and come home. KISS principal… if I want to be consistent.

    I recommend water exercise to anyone and everyone. There is a level for everyone to start.

  11. aiden12carter says:

    i don't know how to swim, but this looks pretty interesting and something i'd like to try

  12. Dianne C Lemon says:

    Hi Linda, I am having a third surgery on my feet, will be not-weight-bearing and in a cast till April 1, then out to rehab and exercise, until the fourth surgery on my other foot probably about 6-9 months, want to get back in shape, been in the cycle for almost two years now gained about 35 lbs. I am feeling defeated,  What can I do nutritionally, physically, and emotionally to get well.  Water will be my savior…Thanks

  13. TheAbStand says:

    Water workouts are an amazing for somebody who is coming back from an injury. Thanks a lot for sharing these with us!

    We have an excellent weight loss solution that you can use from your living room – give us a visit at The AbStand!

  14. rodalye218 says:

    I had a patella scare last week! Thankfully nothing is wrong, but I want to cut back on high impact workouts and cardio in the pool. This is perfect!

  15. Ms Kimlo says:

    Thank you Jennifer. I have tried it. I did Zumba and I enjoyed it. I didn't think it was possible to do this in water and my joints didn't ache as much.

  16. Jennifer Ann de la Torre says:

    Aquacise is also good for those who are overweight and for those with back pain. I injured my lower back for 6 months after returning to ballet. After 2 months of aquafit, my back pain was gone!

  17. Jennifer Ann de la Torre says:

    I try to go to aquacise in the morning! It gives me a lot of energy throughout the day.

  18. Jennifer Ann de la Torre says:

    Have you lost weight with water aerobics? I am trying to lose 70 pounds with aquacise, but I do not go consistently. How long will it take to lose the weight, and how often should I go? I am overweight because of my medication.

  19. Jennifer Ann de la Torre says:

    I weigh 180 pounds, and I am able to exercise in the water. I do not feel my weight or any pain. Have you tried deep water aquacise? You only need to support yourself with your tummy. It is worth a try!

  20. Stephanie Stephens | MindYourBodyTV says:

    Thanks, AbStand. You are so right! Appreciate your note!

  21. TheAbStand says:

    Working out in the pool is perfect for those with joint problems or who are coming back from an injury. Thanks for sharing these exercises with us!

  22. Treehugger says:

    I love water aerobics. Have been doing this for over 10 years. I have shin splints and can still go hard.

  23. Stephanie Stephens | MindYourBodyTV says:

    She really made me work out, Deshawn, and I am pretty fit. I was puffing, and my joints didn't suffer at all–that's the great part about water exercise. Hopefully, you can do these on your own at a pool–or join a class at the Y or other club that has a pool. Lynda has worked out Olympic athletes and celebrities who didn't believe how much they'd sweat. Keep us posted? Steph

  24. deshawn kelly says:

    really needed the knee workout so mine can get stronger

  25. Ms Kimlo says:

    I will try this in the morning. Awesome!!!!

  26. Stephanie Stephens | MindYourBodyTV says:

    Hey Patti! Thanks for your note. I thought Lynda did such a great job here, and when I did her workout, I was really burning the calories. Enjoy! Steph

  27. Patti Raab says:

    Great exercises. I'll be trying those int he pool today! xox