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At Home Abs Workout for Men Over 40

At Home Abs Workout for Men Over 40

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  1. Темирлан Кабулов says:

    I want to practice English I need a companion. @temirlankabulov instagram.

  2. Peter O Donnell says:

    Love the artwork in the gym Funk……and the workout 😝

  3. John Von Daniken says:

    If you can perform these exercises, you probably don't need this video.

  4. hamzeh alfar says:

    hey coach, i am a trainer , and i want to ask u what techniques are used in conditioning exercises to make them the most METABOLIC? and is combining cardio a good waay to focus on fat loss?

  5. Fabrizio Rinaldi says:

    I am 57, I follow some of your workouts which I find very well structured, but sometimes I feel like I need a bucket…
    As far as abs are concerned, I do not like the plank too much; I prefer the abs rollout by far (not on the knees , of course).

  6. Jimmy Jackson says:

    Is that for guys with a gut ,or dudes thats already slim

  7. the blackconservative says:

    Hey can you post a nutrition plan

  8. Kristina Holstein says:

    Funk, what if the hip flexors take over and are too dominant?

  9. The Sixfoot One says:

    I noticed how fast I gained weight after I stopped teaching muaythai. Nice you have given me a renewed after 50 energy. I have more energy to ref and judge at MTO now.

  10. Laura G says:

    Thanks 💓

  11. Ngay Yannick says:

    Absolutely great exercices. Thaks ly man Funk you are a source of motivation and inspiration 👍👊

  12. James Wilson says:

    All thanks and much love to you my brother!💪 the door is always open for you! Always family!👍

  13. Loom Leopard06 says:

    Great thanks 🙏

  14. ahmad ramahi says:

    Thanks a lot Funk

  15. Funk Roberts says:

    I really appreciate ALL MY SUBSCRIBERS! You are all amazing and I LOVE your support…keep commenting and I will keep bringing the Pain..hahaha I mean Workouts! – Much LOVE and thanks again I truly appreciate you! – Funk