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Fasting Tips: 3 Best Foods to Break a Fast- Thomas DeLauer…

Fasting Tips: 3 Best Foods to Break a Fast- Thomas DeLauer…

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  1. Regine Brady says:

    I’m confused. If you’re trying to build muscle, you have a rice cake, or another quick insulin carb?? How often should you then of consume the protein?? That’s so confusing to me. Please explain! I’d appreciate it!! Thanks!!!!!

  2. TT TT says:

    do you offer meal plans for fasting on keto for women over 40?

  3. Ziggy3339 says:

    Came to find out how to break a long term fast (without harming myself). This is very complicated for someone who’s not super into studying everything…lots of technical things.

  4. Maria Fernandez says:

    Breaking a fast with MCL Oil….. like a teaspoon of something as a means to break my fast than I cant eat like an hr later?

  5. Sonia Medrano` says:

    Would it be beneficial to add both apple cider vinegar and MCT oil, when breaking my 18 hour fast? I’m currently adding organic cinnamon, cayenne pepper, ginger, cream of tartar, lemon juice and ACV to my beef bone broth.

  6. Zenos Villondo says:

    Thomas is the only content health coach creator that I trust to give me dietary advice because he provides studies and data and links for people to check for themselves!

  7. Geno Nunez says:

    How much mct oil should you take after fasting

  8. Aug Mac says:

    Any advice in using organic green mix with unsweetened almond milk to break a fast?

  9. Dimitrios Kentis says:

    Fffffffff I see all his videos and the only think I get is CONFUSION……. He said 3-4 different thinks how to brake fast for example. One video says MCT oil last thing in the night other video says in the morning. One video says brake the fast with lean protein other video says with bone broth other video says with MCT oil. for me I think the problem of this confusion is which product he WILL PROMOTE TO MAKE MORE MONEY….

  10. MERICHA MARAIS says:

    Vegetarians: what would we as vegetarians or vegans have instead of bone broth?

  11. Pancho Pistola says:

    So you want us to drink bone broth as our first meal? Like bro give better examples

  12. Cheri Mimi says:

    What of people who are vegan ans can't take bone broth?
    I can't take meat at all

  13. Rekorderlig says:

    Thousands of videos on Intermittent Fasting, 0 with actual meal examples. Saying you break your fast with bone broth. Bone broth with what? you just drink it and stay like that till the 2nd meal? What you eat for 2nd meal? Why is it so hard to make a concrete video with meal examples?

  14. Brenett jimenez says:

    Whats the best way to use mct oil ?.. do i cook with it ?.. drink it ?

  15. Audrey Rose says:

    What if you’re vegan???!!!!

  16. MzPinkyPink88 says:

    After we break our fast for weight loss using mct oil can we then have carbs and fat together? What window of time here? Help please!

  17. Larry Putra says:

    I fasted for 72 hours and I didn't feel much difference while being fed actually I felt weaker.

  18. jean graze says:

    How about steamed rice to break a fast?

  19. John Krygowski says:

    New to Intermittent Fasting. In terms of breaking fast, is a combination of MCT oil and bone broth the way to go, or is one or the other, but not both, the way to go?

  20. jay loke says:

    I love liver and onions for breakfast…yumm

  21. Monty Feldhaus van Ham says:

    2:00 thank me later

  22. BoyFriday91 says:

    I want all 3 . I guess I could alternate what i break fast with 🤔

  23. VICKY VOX says:


  24. Hog Farmer says:

    Is it OK to break your fast with a McRib?

  25. Caza Taza says:

    Very clever way for a passive advertising man!! Good thing though is that you're also helpful in the process with some good tips and stuff!! Can't hate you though I should!! (No pun intended)!!!

  26. Dan says:

    Killin it in that shirt!

  27. Wild Card says:

    Wtf did this idiot even answer? No food no nothing.

  28. Dogrescuer 1 says:

    Why does he never reply, hmmm?

  29. Vivi O. G. says:

    I suffer from Rheumatoid Arthritis and just started doing Keto and IF. I had a headache for a week due to brain inflammation and decided to do a 24 hr fast. My headache it’s gone and I feel so much better overall. Thinking of doing a 48 hr fast next month. Thanks to this videos I’ve been able to do it the right way and get maximum results. Thank you Thomas DeLauer! 🙏🏼

  30. Robert Kowalski says:

    so if i make fasting for muscle and i eat fruits for breaking my fast then should i eat protein immidiately or should i wait some hours?

  31. Jack Walter says:

    Kettle and Fire Bone Broth is great!

  32. Lupea Federmack says:

    Can you suggest food for a plant based diet.

  33. Kronoz says:

    Can I replace the rice cake with a natural food?

  34. Lucky Luke says:

    Can i eat polenta?

  35. Marisa McGowan says:

    How much bone broth and ACV do you suggest we consume per day after breaking fast?

  36. TAB says:

    break your fast with things I will sell you

  37. Alex Mad says:

    How about breaking your fast with beer?

  38. Frankie Rodriguez says:

    Can someone please explain more? So I just eat a rice cake after my fast and thats it, then don't eat again until my last meal????

  39. Evelyn says:

    Spiritual too

  40. Jerry Sharp says:

    I see a steak marbled with fat. I cook it… yum! My point is, If I fast… am I losing muscle mass or the fat marbled in my muscles? If you measure my arm and it is less at the end of my fast.. Did I lose muscle or did I lose the fat marbled in my muscles? I do not feel weaker.

    Oh, and there is in the bible how to break a 3 day fast. fishes and loves. Would sardines be good to break a fast? Easily digested and loaded with protein, calcium and nutrients!