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Girl refuses to use the potty. Cannot change her mind. SHO…

Girl refuses to use the potty. Cannot change her mind. SHO…

You can as well check the original source: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GPQfvVDv8iE

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  1. sean lalin says:

    just poop in pants no potty ever

  2. Hunter Defreeuw says:

    She still is quite young she will be out of her diaper stage soon.

  3. I hate stupid people! says:

    Pathetic and LAZY parents. Take control of your child. You should be embarrassed that your daughter is behaving like a brat and is still in diapers. Do your job and make her obey.

  4. Molly Rhian Wildman says:

    How old is she?

  5. Cindy Sue says:

    terrible parenting! who runs that household? on the other side. this little girl is stunning! such a beautiful creature! omg!

  6. cec060797 says:

    Was she wearing a diaper or pull-up?

  7. She-Ra Princess of Power says:

    What do you mean "refuses"? The kid is not in charge! Don't ask her what she wants, your job as a parent is to tell her what to do! Morons like this shouldn't have kids.

  8. Eliana Montanez says:

    forse her to go on the toilet and tell her she will sit on the damn toilet rather she likes it or not and tell her not to be afraid of toilets she is to old for fucking diapers

  9. starsky941 says:


  10. ciggy more says:

    this needs disapline to let her see who,s the boss you need to be more firm with her

  11. Hunter Defreeuw says:

    She must feel comfortable with using her diaper. The only way to solve this issue is to just take the diapers away or make her change her own diaper

  12. Micayla Pendergrass says:

    All you had to do is just keep panties on her all day and diaper at night

  13. Charizard says:

    Don't matter diapers rule

  14. Mattheos Clemence (Kangiwi) says:

    Hope by now she has grown up into the lit girl she is, stopped being lazy, and uses the potty for both all of the time, except bed time if necessary.

  15. 14demonhunter says:

    dont make her go in the potty… potties are for losers. let her stay in diapers.

  16. i likemusic says: