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How to do Intermittent Fasting for Serious Weight Loss

How to do Intermittent Fasting for Serious Weight Loss

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  1. Texas Singh says:

    Does drinking tea or coffee increase insulin levels? Is drinking tea or coffee the same as eating when it comes to increasing insulin?

  2. dramna arshad says:

    Stay blessed doctor, hats off to you

  3. c7042 says:

    I must be strange. I went to OMAD the first day of my Keto diet. I feel great. Lower blood pressure. Never hungry. No desire for snacks/cheat days. Lost 27 lbs first month. Only bad part is I yearn for rice so I can make and eat chicken/sausage gumbo.

  4. TEMP CHANNEL says:

    5:56 xD

  5. G 1 says:

    I did Intermittent Fasting and lost 32 pounds in 2 months.
    I was working 12 hour Night Shift and eating a lite lunch of Tuna Fish and Salad for Lunch at 12 Midnight. Going 24 Hours between meals. I also took from GNC their Apple Cider Complete Tablets every day at 4pm when I woke up to get ready for Work. From 4pm till Midnight(Lunch) only had water and Coffee with Coconut Oil as a Fat.
    GNC Apple Cider Complete curbed my Appetite between my one Meal every 24hours.

  6. Soraya V says:

    Thank you so much Dr. Berg! Now I finally understood the intermittent fasting method. It's all about insulin…I will give it a try for sure.

  7. Savonnah Anderson says:

    Dr.Berg, I have a question, you see some days I dont feel like eating or munching or anything and other days I do, I dont eat or drink much sugar or juices either, mostly water. I love food but I dont eat much, I just had a child in Dec of 2018 and I just keep putting on weight, I've tried eating more, I've tried eating less, I've tried exercise and everything under the sun and now I'm around 280lb when about a year or 2 ago I was about 170, my doctors cant figure it out either, I've had chronic back pain since 2013 and chronic fatigue since I was about 12, the pain has spread everywhere now and my right arm and leg goes numb frequently, I have anemia and vitamin D deficiencies, usually crave salty things, have stiff joints from my feet to my knees that makes it difficult to get up in the morning and walk in general especially if I sit even for a few minutes. My doctors just keep prescribing me things and its not helping. I dont know where else to turn for help. Between the pain, fatigue, and weight, it's getting hard to get through a productive day not to mention my doctor says I shouldn't work :/ if you see this please give me your imput, I've even tried things from a few of your videos and it just hasn't given me a break yet. Thank you for all you do

  8. J Pujitha Anthony says:

    I do 16:8 and 20:4 fasting

  9. Janet F says:

    Will cocoa powder break the intermittent fast? There is no sugar. It is just coca powder and hot water.

  10. 1860a tsang says:

    25 kgs reduced and bmi return to 23.3. I am asian so my bmi must down to 23 or lower, dont drink any liquid sugar, the weight will down faster

  11. Anouka Dugal-G says:

    If I go down to 1 meal a day and I eat it at 6 pm. Is it ok?

  12. Simon jack says:

    Between these 3 meals can I drink water and tea? Or I must fasting all, water, tea, coffee?
    And thanks 🙏🏻

  13. Connie Romero says:

    Wait so is this the keto diet? Can you still eat fruits?

  14. Gina Land says:

    I just started IF after I was sick over the summer! I ended up fasting for 6 days to help reset my body and just decided to try it!
    I used to be a grazer…which did seem to work for me as well.
    Can’t wait to see the results! I don’t really need to lose weight…doing it for health improvement!

  15. Parul Soni says:

    Hello doctor I have been doing 16:8 intermittent fasting but have lots of headache irritability and I'm breastfeeding too so it has become overwhelming
    What to do

  16. Iarshinta sudjana says:

    I want to try but if thinking of protein intake daily …is quite confusing. Ages ago when I was younger I did intermittent but not into nutrition. Anyone can help me?

  17. mdperez13nyc says:

    Can I drink black coffee while fasting

  18. RG RG says:

    What about the women’s hormone in balance. After 2 days of IF I start getting a little stressed. How do I fix that😌

  19. Hue Janus says:

    I can deduce from the photos that intermittent fasting also causes massive muscle growth.

  20. Nageswara Rao says:

    Whatever he is saying really makes sense but always consult ur doctor before starting any weight loss program for God sake or ur gonna end up screwing ur health…. Trust me I did it to my body

  21. Jeanene Cannon says:

    I do this and I can last till my eating window. Then I eat junk food….when do you stop craving carbs and sweets and start losing weight? I do exercise every morning. Thank you in advance.

  22. Mariah Ritenour says:

    What if you work out in the mornings?? I usually wake up and workout at 5am, have a shake after for breakfast, usually lunch at 12:30 and dinner around 6…. and bed at 9. I work 8:305:30.

    I have low calorie, high protein bars in my desk at work incase I get really hungry.
    Curious how IF works if you're super hungry from your morning workouts

  23. YoCuddy King says:

    OMG it works people!!! 232lbs to 191lbs 😤 feeling good , looking good!

  24. Roberto Torres says:

    What will happen if I just suddenly jump into the two meals a day

  25. WarmGreetings says:

    Hi Doctor . I am anemic. Will it be ok if I do 22:4 hours fasting?

  26. Betty Burton says:

    I’m doing the intermittent fasting and the Keto….. I’m not hungry and I don’t have any cravings…. this is a lifestyle change for me.

  27. WAPANG Lkr says:

    Thanks, my doctor.

  28. Charles Hua says:

    I lost 10lb within 2 weeks doing this. Pretty much eating anything while I'm eating. It's amazing.

  29. Shawn Brown says:

    How many fluid ounces do we drink with intermittent fasting?

  30. bechuvi says:

    IF 16/8, for 6 months, only 2 meals: 10am and 4 pm… I had to increase the thyroid hormone…

  31. Aashish Sharma says:

    Thanks for the great video. Any suggestions on when is the best time to schedule a HIIT session during 16/8 and 20/4?

  32. Burim Shaqiri says:

    i do this is called Ramadan fasting

  33. Maria R says:

    This is like ramadan fasting.

  34. keisha williams says:

    In the eating period do you have to eat a certain amount of calories? And also when I start do I start with eating period and then start fasting?

  35. Hughujkb Kilhhhfbhgyre says:

    What can you drink during the intermittent fasting or are you prohibit from taking in liquids also

  36. willie brown says:

    Will be watching regularly like the vocabulary I can understand

  37. Lara Imam says:

    If you do the 16:8 with 3 meals from 11-8pm, when is the best time to exercise

  38. Madz Ph says:

    i eat my first and last meal around 3pm… then i started eating the next day around 3pm… same time everyday im i doing it right? while im fasting i jusy drink water nothing else.

  39. Vanessa Chase says:

    Hello!!! What do yall eat in the 4 hour window?!?!

  40. Carol Kerfoot says:

    I never eat until 12 maybe 2 and lm over weight don't see how this works having said that l am on 150mg of thyroxine a day so maybe that's why

  41. Richa J Pathak says:

    Can we drink anything in between?

  42. Steven Capo says:

    Hey doc ty how can I get in contact with you I wrk nite from 6pm to 6am need help! Please lmk help me lol

  43. Midnight Hamisoo says:

    Your the best doc

  44. Kevvboii says:

    So glad I watched this video