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How To Get A SMALLER Waist & Flat Stomach FAST ( FOR MEN…

How To Get A SMALLER Waist & Flat Stomach FAST ( FOR MEN…

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  1. Chris Light says:

    Is that a vein on your shoulder or a scar bro

  2. Jenish Khunt says:

    Thanks a lot bro

  3. Naren L says:

    Speak in a normal accent bro it's ok to have a Indian accent

  4. Celyn Gil says:

    I tried this and was very helpful. From 200 lbs i am now 185 lbs after less than a month. now I am 170 lbs in just 10 days because of this.https://bit.ly/2HwFaXa

  5. Hom Bagdi says:

    Fck ing blablablablablabla whole vid

  6. same same says:

    Man u talk a lot ….not even a single excercise u shown …waste of time ..no doubt u hve nice n handsome face ..but we r here to watch how to get slim waste n that. Should be prctically ..plz no more talks

  7. L.A Ndoh says:

    Much ado abt (won't saying nil but quite) lil

  8. Henrique Koscheck says:

    I want my 3 minutes back again. Don’t “waist” your time

  9. Haqasem Alqasem says:

    What is your religion

  10. Jahanzaib Akbar says:

    He must be tired after such trying accent 🤣

  11. Amit Kmr says:

    is 22 inches waist small for 5'6 feet male

  12. Its NOEV says:

    94cm waist…

  13. mark vargas says:

    Can you build muscle while dieting

  14. mark vargas says:

    Train the obliques this guy did maintain his muscle, back to square one jk lol

  15. Bam Bam says:

    I’m 16 with a 30 waist

  16. Mahlimik Khawlhring says:

    i thring lutuk.t tawng dan te kha a thingtlang bon top….

  17. Robbie J says:

    You sound like tim curry. Lol

  18. Taufiqul Hasan Sany says:

    everything is genetic huh?khanki rendian

  19. Taufiqul Hasan Sany says:

    half ladies khanki

  20. Maadsu says:


  21. Xerxes I. says:

    skip to 3:07

  22. Xerxes I. says:

    ooooh my gaaaaawd…get to the fuckin poiiiint

  23. Димитрий Ангелов says:

    Dude, change your accent, be natural. Don't try to put British accent.

  24. Jcod 123 says:

    If it's genetics and I can't get my waist smaller and looking shredded af , it's time for tren