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How To Get SIX PACK ABS Fast For Summer | 2018

How To Get SIX PACK ABS Fast For Summer | 2018

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  1. Team Four Star Wannabe Retard says:

    Yeah no I can barely L sit for 5 seconds

  2. dong chloe says:


  3. 남은택 says:

    자막누가 넣음?

  4. Lalo Vasquez says:


  5. Cooking is easy LearnToCookSteps says:

    Chris can you make video about what you think about Whey proteins and are they bad for health? Many people use them but can you talk a little about it?

  6. mohammed mezainy says:


  7. cole Ryan's says:

    But u don't want to have all muscle but I don't want to be fat. I didn't want to sink and blame my muscles for it

  8. Dal shahnavaj says:


  9. Hamzah Lika says:

    Bagus ada text indonesia @crisheria

  10. Aerin Collins says:

    1.4K people rather be at Mac Donald's

  11. Hamid Elmi says:

    How many calories does this workout burn?

  12. Sufiyaan Rajput says:

    I think I am burning fat jus by watching it…

  13. David Acevedo says:

    Do some leg workouts

  14. Eddy Jimenez says:

    Just bumbed into ur channel, ur a pretty cool young, no pretention, i like that, this old geezer will now follow ur info, thanx young man….

  15. จิรโรจน์ เกษมจิต says:



    i gotta question , what if you sprint for as long as you can which probably isnt that long cause everyone usually gas out within a minute , but the real question is will it burn more fat and calories cause youre giving everything you got

  17. Ejaz Mustafa says:

    Thank for the help

  18. jkksksx kekksksksksjjdjdis says:

    1 like=10 crunches

  19. Srinath Heria says:


  20. Elliot Fowler says:

    Could u do a nutrition vid plz? 🙂

  21. Tyrone Hodges says:

    When don't have a once of fat on you 🤔

  22. Kaley Baker says:

    This one is so great to do. Kaley

  23. Parnav Kamble says:

    Shoot a video on bicep with dumbell

  24. Izaya says:

    It's been a week since I started these exercises.
    I want nutrition video please

  25. AnythingSports34 says:

    I used to do that L-Sit Hold at my sisters’ softball games on the bleachers and be like “dang, this would be a good workout,” I didn’t realize other people had thought of it already 🤣 good video

  26. Kenny Witt says:


  27. jöe EL-gadma says:

    How to get rid of gyno from the chest

  28. Pistol Primo says:

    Repeat routine 3 times.

    45 seconds on, 15 seconds off
    Jump rope
    In and Outs
    Russian Twist
    Toes to Bar
    L-Sit Hold
    Knee Raises

  29. cookie reinbwo says:

    I'm just 15 now…You're my biggest motivation till now!!!

  30. John Bray says:

    I'm better than him with the l sit

  31. Gabo Blancas says:

    Great workout…thanks

  32. Tobi 18473 says:

    Nice Programm but some people like I have no training room and I have a question is it normal that my ''six pack,, feel smaller than before the training?

  33. Esmeralda Santana says:

    Make the nutrition video porfavor!

  34. Relight Velika says:


  35. Jordan Myles says:

    I’m doing this to impress hirls

  36. Ryan Lopez says:

    Nutrition, because I want a healthy diet while it being good at the same time .

  37. Adam Sciullo says:

    I want a nutrition video!

  38. Anvin Savious says:

    Your app is not letting me to join can you tell me some step to unlock that app

  39. Mauricio cisternas zacur says:

    Desde Chile. Mis felicitaciones por tus rutinas y resultados.

  40. Levina says:

    Watched one video, became an instant fan!! 😍😍😍

  41. Charlie Duong says:

    45 seconds each exercise + 15 seconds rest
    1. Jump Rope 2:40
    2. Burpees 3:30
    3. In and Outs 4:30
    4. Russian twist 5:33
    5. Toes to bar 6:34
    6. L-sit hold 7:30
    7. Knee Raises 8:31