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How to Lose a Flabby Stomach by Working Out at Home : Core S…

How to Lose a Flabby Stomach by Working Out at Home : Core S…

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  1. Krystal Coats says:

    so im.doing it wrong now i know how to do them properly

  2. Andy Dawson says:

    Is this ok for men to do ?

  3. Mrssewhardtoplease says:

    Not recommended for beginners or fatties!!

  4. Ryan Polhemus says:

    Losing fat is not about "toning exercises"

  5. SE says:

    how lb ?

  6. mayaM3 says:

    Thaaaanks 🙂 I've done this today !

  7. Sue Pougeolle says:

    how heavy a dumb bell

  8. fetter Kater says:

    My connective tissue is very soft. Do you think these exercises could make it a bit firmer?

  9. Rj Maan says:

    Does Fenoboci Diet Plan really work? I notice lots of people keep on talking about Fenoboci Diet Plan. But I'm not sure if it's good enough to lost crazy amounts of fat.

  10. b b says:


  11. Franz Galahad says:

    Does this work? I'm losing a lot on the upper but not the lower tummy.

  12. Mer Bowman says:

    would a 5 lb kettle bell take me thru beginning and intermediate intensity?

  13. Diana Best-Hutchison says:

    wow awesome! thank u 👍💪

  14. Duca Schoenberg says:

    I am sure you'll learn about workouts if you'll read Unflexal handbook from cover to cover 🙂

  15. Amrita Trivedi says:

    Thank you for this video. Its a short and precise video. To the point and gold. Your video gave me an approval of me doing the right thing for flatter stomach after delivering 2 kids. Shall surely try this complete routine at once.

  16. AndyMJF says:

    recommendations for a bad back and poor mobility to severe pain anyone pls. I put on alot if weight in two years since hurting my back. I've started losing weight . but walking ten mins a day is not enough.

  17. AbbieGenius Sawyer says:

    Loved your video Beautiful Brown Baby Doll:)! Will put it to good use…

  18. GhostDragon says:

    She so hot

  19. TheHotlittleminx says:

    I like how you explain and demonstrate the excercises so even dittsy blonde like me get it

  20. Prashant Chauhan says:

    Can you combine this with the cross trainer and rowing machine?

  21. T Ruth says:

    how heavy should the kettle bell weigh?

  22. mannankot says:

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  23. jig gaj says:

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  24. archit1591 says:

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  25. Kumar Kislay says:

    I already told you. even i was very sad since i workout well for abs but nothing was coming. Listen one of my friend working in fitness field suggested me this 7 secret food items to kill our jelly belly. have a look here bit.ly/18b3lPn?=elzgf

  26. KkBbomb says:

    Oh and like another poster said, the back fat!! Whyyyyy can't I get rid of the bra band fat :((

  27. KkBbomb says:

    What weight do you suggest for a beginner/intermediate? I def gain fat and have a hard time losing fat in my belly. I have that tire kind of belly where it's flabby and it creases at the belly button. I hate it. Even when I'm skinny I can't get the flat tummy with out the jiggle. Genetics suck 🙁

  28. KkBbomb says:

    This was a good vid

  29. y3rlo says:


  30. iusedtolovehim says:

    Thanks so much.

  31. Lisa Lou Fitness says:

    I'll do my best!

  32. Lisa Lou Fitness says:

    These will absolutely help you get rid of back fat! You are working the core and the back is part of the core. Invest in a kettlebell and tell me you don't notice a HUGE difference after a month of these exercises performed about 3x a week!

  33. Lisa Lou Fitness says:

    Hey, guys, thanks so much for you feedback! Hanady887, this absolutely WILL give you flat abs! These are the exercises I often use to keep my abs flat. Iusedtolovehim…back fat, this is it! These are all "core" exercises which means it works abs and back. There is nothing like a kettlebell. I highly encourage you to get one and do this routine 3 days a week. Touch base back with me and let me know your progress…but this truly has it all! Y3rlo…I'll do my best:)

  34. HendSF says:

    Can you talk more about workouts to get ( flat abs) especially for women ? Please . Thank you

  35. iusedtolovehim says:

    Can you do a video about how to get rid of back fat?

  36. y3rlo says:

    please do more of these types of videos