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Intense INNER THIGH Challenge!

Intense INNER THIGH Challenge!

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  1. Siddhi Saruparia says:

    Can somebody tell me about the best blogilates video for thighs n butt

  2. Shmu10 says:


  3. Denisse P says:

    Still can’t do this without stopping sweet mama

  4. MEDOUSA says:

    10/26/2019 🌸🌸🌸🌸🌸🌸🌸

  5. Shirley Wang says:

    thanks Cassey.

  6. Cata garrido says:

    I love you and i hate you because this train 😙😙

  7. Magic juice makes the world dance says:

    This was ohmygod

  8. Dani C. says:

    Does she have to scream this much?
    Can't follow, it gives me anxiety and stress.

  9. Nisha Purohit says:

    I Just want to Slim down my fatty thighs will it Help me to do so????

  10. Meme Queen Hayden says:

    I need thicker thighs mine are so skinny I hate it

  11. Grace Art says:

    I’m really self conscious of my lower body

  12. kookie's y/n says:

    This is worse that 20 minutes inner thigh isolation!!!😭😭😭 my thighs are dead

  13. Hobi’s Tea Mochi says:

    Day 1 : I made it until 3:44 :,DD

  14. Teen writer says:

    RIP earphone users !!

    ( gosh she screams a lot this is annoying )

  15. H. F. says:

    I feel like this is burining my front thigh. Is that bad??

  16. Saniya malik says:

    How she can do this i do this only 5mins and my legs are broken

  17. Tirppa Hengkhunthot says:

    Goddamn I almost knocked my head on the roof for FROG JUMPING TOO HIGH

  18. Loujaine Gomez says:

    I took 5 breaks during this 5 minutes workout :/

  19. Leek la says:


  20. Dijah Malcom says:

    Plié squat
    . Plie squat pulse
    Leg up plie squat pulse
    Froggy ump squats
    Plus squat
    Up up down down
    Froggy jump squat
    Plié squat
    Leg up plié squat
    Froggy jump squat

  21. jai berry_06 says:

    Joked “I AINTT😂”

  22. ayelet 26 says:

    Wth how did you even do that??my knees were already collapsing after three minutes!!

  23. Wild Animal Lover says:

    I have a flat stomach
    I have big outer thighs
    I have a thigh gap
    I know I’m a little skinny
    But that little fat in my inner thighs is bothering me so much

    Did this work for anyone?

  24. Suzi Preston says:

    How many calories do you think this burns?

  25. just someone says:

    How cAN yOu sTiLl taLk aNd i Am heRe StruGglIng 😢😢😢😓😓?

  26. Luciia Medina says:

    I always do this with an additional of 14.3 lbs… worth it

  27. benefits says:

    I did it!💖

  28. Dreaminqs says:

    I keep coming back until i complete it

  29. Destiny Olivarez says:

    Day 1:super hard but I made it

  30. zzz .z says:

    It rlly looks easy becos it looks like normal jumpings but omai the pain is real! Hope it works for me

  31. Jessica Ashley says:

    Does this exercise routine tone your thighs?

  32. BeautyQueens 101 says:

    Every like I get I’ll do 10 squat pulses!! Help me out world like it up I need 1k likes

  33. Jazmyn Watson says:

    does this work

  34. Zaina Cottup says:

    for how long shall i have to do it to see results??