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Intermittent Fasting: Top 5 Mistakes- Thomas DeLauer

Intermittent Fasting: Top 5 Mistakes- Thomas DeLauer

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  1. Ajdani Tv says:

    best channel! so informative

  2. Ignacio Lopez says:

    Is adding sodium just adding salt?

  3. Lee Gauss says:

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  4. Nicholas Gray says:

    Can I have honey when fasting?

  5. C Whit says:

    Hello Thomas, can you tell me if water soluble fiber interrupts keto? Thanks Clarke

  6. Daycube says:

    What about BCAA during the feeding time?

  7. nikonxxx says:

    b4 dryfasting

  8. Tiago Ferreira says:

    Hi Thomas DeLauer! just to have your opinion about what is better for peoples whealth in an Intermittent Fasting Diet . Skip break-fast our skip dinner? Thankyou!

  9. R Geevika says:

    Can I drink apple cider vinegar at morning during intermittent fasting

  10. Master Chief says:

    Black coffee (xenobiotic) also gives a metabolic response – Thanks Dr Rhonda Patrick
    Depends how strict you want to fast and how strict you Need to Fast 🙂
    Dr Jason Fung still has a splash of cream in his coffee

    "I got the Need the Need for Speed"

  11. martin grønberg says:

    can someone help? does nicotine break a fast? in norway and sweden we have something called snus, you take it under you lip and the nicotine does its job, is that a nono?

  12. Mina Nagib says:

    So can I take my supplements during my fasting window?

  13. Install says:

    Is there a video where you are training in gym?

  14. Kilroy says:

    Can I still take Horny Goat Weed ? I like to stay lean and hard

  15. DL VOX says:

    Question: what about the fillers that are in your typical magnesium or zinc supplement tablet? Does that break a fast?

  16. DL VOX says:

    Great video. Thanks for this. Been on the 16:8 program “more or less haha” since October. Have made many of the mistakes illustrated here. It’s a process. Tweaking. Adjusting. Sometimes I break the fast with a Corona or Coors light.. Then typically eat fairly well believe it or not. Sort of calms the stomach. Not healthy and empty calories but works for me.

  17. Ofa Paea says:

    Do adding lemon to water break fast. Thanks

  18. Ayyyoosh Moha says:

    I have a question; instead of eating the vegetables can drink it n make it as a smoothie?

  19. Cesar AT says:

    I disagree with the mineral intake point. Minerals are in the food we eat, particularly if we eat 'healthy' food. If we're eating healthy enough, we're taking in more than enough minerals, and thus our cells are able to process nutrients just as well during subsequent fasts.

    Taking supplements doesn't make sense in terms of living naturally. For those who advocate keto dieting, living naturally is its main point; supplements aren't natural living.

  20. lifeisgood070 says:

    I thought both caffine and vitamin c break a fast

  21. Tequila_and_Bullies says:

    What about someone like me who is Type 1 insulin dependent fasting but BG is creeping up above 150. Would a correction bolus of insulin to lower BG to 80-100 ruin a fast? Also does insulin in itself kick you out of ketosis?

  22. PG Tips says:

    Dr Berg has suggested water does not wash out toxins but does wash out vital minerals. He suggests not to obsess about drinking gallons of water?? I'm just a beginner in the middle wondering who is right and what should I do?

  23. S B says:

    Eat more fruits, ignore the high fats, too much will clog your liver up.

  24. S B says:

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  25. Ramblin Man says:

    Man I gotta stop chewing all that 5 cal/ piece gum I chew all day while fasting.

  26. Roman Roman says:

    Who else is here for fisting mistakes?

  27. Terry White says:

    What is a Branch Chain Amino Acid? And why would you be consuming it?
    Edit: I have just looked at Thomas Delauer's video on this subject:

    Fasting & Fat Loss Negative Effects of Branch Chain Amino Acids (BCAAs) – Thomas DeLauer
    It appears unless you are a bodybuilder or an obsessive gym bunny then you don't really need BCAAs.

  28. Leia Coleman says:

    So clear and understandable. Im new to keto and started with intermittant fasting right away. Great info to implement.

  29. Randy James says:

    Cellular apoptosis is defined as PROGRAMED cell death not “promoted” cell death.

  30. Paulo Bender says:

    I didn't understand the amino acids part. Can I take amino acids when on eating windows?