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Keto Success Stories Women Over 50 & 60 | Ketogenic Diet…

Keto Success Stories Women Over 50 & 60 | Ketogenic Diet…

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  1. Donna Caloway says:

    Thank you sooooo much for your awesome story. I'm 57 and you are such an inspiration to me. I hope one day to be an awesome success story like you. Thanks for your wonderful tips, this will help me SO MUCH!!!!
    REPLAY but I am a subscriber now

  2. Shana Neidig says:

    I'm 52 I lost 26 pounds in 54 days on keto, omg I am so happy for us all

  3. Cheryl Findeisen says:

    Watched the Replay and I ❤️❤️❤️❤️ it! Thanks so much for this interview. It was so inspiring as I’m fixing to start down this journey.

  4. hope king says:

    Lost 90 lbs on the Atkins diet!

  5. hope king says:

    I'm 59

  6. hope king says:

    I have did the Atkins diet in my 40s and I went back to emotional eating. You see one time I thought I was going to lose my ssi! And I went on on beiges and got real depressed. I'm borderline retarded and noone would hire me out of high school with a d.c special edd diploma. So I'd get depressed and est and when i got a job they keep me for 3 days then fore me and tell me i was too slow. I felt worthless! Finally i got in a grup home and they help me get a job at goodwill for 13 years! I was so exsited that I CV would work somewhere. Then I got on independent living and heard about the Atkins diet. I had to exercise thou. I was walking 3 miles a day. Then something happen and I got off track and now I'm in between the Atkins and keto and the carnavoir diet.! Dr atkins was my hero! And i got all his books and i held on to them. I will never forget dr. Atkins!

  7. Sheri Pecukonis says:

    This was such an inspiration to me I am 63 and need to lose about 70 lbs. Thank you!

  8. carolyn bohannon says:

    im 66 and 12 pounds overweight mostly belly fat. im on no medications. I started keto 4 weeks ago. I think I have noticed a decrease in my stomach.i'm not discouraged but would like to know if anyone else is going thru this

  9. Ozboy in Thailand says:

    I’m interested in this love this style blog ! ! just subscribe can you subscribe me back and see if you like my channel? Cheers Daz!

  10. Morgen Marshall says:

    I'm allergic to corn and wheat, too.

  11. Debra Clanton says:

    I'm New at Keto I just miss certain fruit and veggies

  12. junkinjodi says:

    Amen sister I tell people about all the time

  13. Gail Ramirez says:

    Are there any protein shakes you can have?

  14. caroline clausen says:

    love this! im 58 lost 10lbs so far. (less than a month) mind fog is dissapating.. I was a vegetarian for at least a decade, did not loose any weight that i can attribute to vegetarianism.

  15. Ro Ka says:

    Don't say it's easy to do…it has become easy FOR YOU..NOW , it is very rigid, great that you can /want to do that, but I hope people remember there are millions of fit/healthy people who don't live such a rigid lifestyle…. this is not to knock her, just remember people you don't have to be extreme to be healthy….

  16. beryl bishop says:

    I'm 81 and have lost 28 lbs on keto, no longer diabetic and off blood pressure tablets

  17. Terri Jones says:

    This is so important…I’m 70…I had bariatric surgery at my highest weight of 310 15 years ago. I hovered around 225 for years…I’ve lost 60 lbs in 9 months on keto…no more meds for my BP….but more importantly, I’m healthy and happy. I’m having plastic surgery next month to remove excess skin around my belly…This is the best way of life I’ve ever experienced.

  18. Benita Basham says:

    Admirable! Thanks so much Ms. Lena.😘

  19. Kathleen Lupole says:

    Lena was great! I too, am in my sixties, a bit older than her, I too, struggle with bad knees. My doctor just mentioned shots and replacements when I was last there. I have been going on and off with low carbs in some form or another for 10 years now. I know it works. Last month, I got really serious and said this is the last straw and stuck it out. In 18 days I lost almost 12 lbs. which is rare for me to ever lose that much. I didn't eat one bite of anything off keto and that made the difference. I am fired up now and will focus on my health. I will be watching for more videos with Lena. Thank you so much for this one!

  20. OnTheBrightSide says:

    DRY-fasting tops water-fasting. ONE DAY DRY-FASTING EQUALS 3 DAYS WATER-FASTING. Furthermore,dry-fasting is EASIER than water-fasting.Just prepare beforehand by taking pink salt and about half a teaspoon potassium in a big glass of water 🙂

  21. rewah grewal says:

    This interview has been emotional and inspirational….thank you for the info….i am starting my diet. May you be blessed with good health and happy life.

  22. Jane Brown says:

    There are people with real allergies who need to be taken seriously. Tell the truth that you are on a keto diet.

  23. LynnTTT says:

    I'm 71 and just started the keto diet three weeks ago. I've lost 9 pounds and am happy with that. This seems easier for me to follow than any other diet- none of the fussy old WW recipes, no counting calories and I;m never really hungry. I'm not a sweets eater, but do love my chips and crackers and pasta. But I can eat the cheese and I make onion dip and eat with celery. I miss the pasta, but just eat the meatballs and my home-made sauce. Tomorrow I'll try pizza with the mozzarella crust. I do miss ice cream and a roll with my burger.

  24. P. Jones says:

    Wow! Congrats! I love it. All my support from afar! You are the best!!!!

  25. Lorraine Ferguson says:

    very good video very inspiring!!! thank you

  26. michelle says:

    Dr. Oz and the Diabetes Association says that Stevia does NOT raise blood sugars

  27. Vanessa Kathleen says:

    It's the best feeling in the world turning down dessert for me that was a major issue.

  28. jackie lenk says:

    Im so confused cause i have done Keto for 45 days and i lost 13 pounds the first two weeks and have not lost any more. i have researched and researched and i am 100 percent on the diet, so whats wrong that i am not losing

  29. barbara perez says:

    Wow, lena is awsome. Thanks and yes do another one

  30. barbara perez says:

    Wow! Thank you so much. I needed to find someone like Lena. I'm 56 and on meds. I need to lose 50l lbs. And get off my diabetes medication. I started Keto in January and have lost 30lbs. Love the tips she gave. Thank you…

  31. Cynthia Pardo says:

    How do I find a keto support group?

  32. pamela Allen says:

    I'm 70, diabetic, high BP and other ills. I'm giving this to me as a birthday present. I am sick of being sick and having my cravings dictate to me what I'm going to eat. Thank you for the encouragement.

  33. Hope Above says:

    Loved the interview! Wonderful helpful tips and inspiring. As a side, you reminded me so much of the beautiful actress Linda Carter! Do ever hear that? ☺

  34. Shenandoah says:

    When I go to a restaurant, I am going to start bringing my own salad dressing and ask that they leave the restaurant dressing off the salad.

  35. shirley roberts says:

    What veggies does she eat?

  36. grace brice says:

    For those travelling on Aussie airlines please be aware that you may be asked not to open bags on peanuts on the flight because so many people have such devastating responses to them.

  37. Maureen McCormack says:

    Brilliant. Looking for inspiration. I'm a 50-year-old mother of two on the 3rd day of Keto. I'm a UK size 14 hoping to get down to a 10. All you ladies are so inspiring on here. Having a few headaches after I'm guessing that's the sugar withdrawal. Hoping it will get better. Well done all. Keep it up xx

  38. new channel says:

    72 here, 28 pounds down from 6 months ago.

    She is a warrior!!!

    And the good thing is keto makes fasting so easy, because I'm not hungry.

  39. Cindy Ann says:

    Replay! Thank you for this video, I started keto again yesterday! I love her!!

  40. Ana Morlin says:

    Hi ! I’m just now watching this video and I would like to know who this lovely lady is . Does she have an IG acct ? She’s so inspiring!! ❤️

  41. Patty Lazar says:

    Hi I have as well lost 60 pounds. Been keto for 3years I am now 76yrs old. Keto is my life style. No meds. Got off bp pills. My story is the same. Love keto

  42. Shannon Williams says:

    That really was inspiring! I hit 50 this year, after spending my whole life overweight, having 6 disks replaced in my back and neck, and having all sorts of joint pain (just started to really feel it in my knees too) on practically a daily basis, I just HAVE to do something! So, today was my first day of trying to do keto. I know it's going to be hard because I am so into my pasta and potatoes, but maybe I can find a keto friendly way to have them. Thank you for your videos! I've only just discovered them, but they've already been helpful! Subscribing! I wonder if there is a list of actual brands of foods that are safe? That would be super helpful! Ok, have a great day!

  43. Kathy H says:

    I’m sad… I’ve been on Keto since January 1st (not a resolution!)
    Only lost 3 lbs! I IF too
    Told my friend to start and she lost 3 lbs in 1WEEK!! I’m happy for her but I’m frustrated!
    I have had no sugar, I’m very low carb
    I’m 60 so I don’t know if my adrenals just dead:(
    Brain fog and fibromyalgia is better though so I won’t give up!

  44. Kathy H says:

    KISS….”keep it simple stupid”
    Corrie Ten Boom started that saying years ago

  45. Lisa Martinez says:


  46. Sandra Bentley says:

    Just wondered why her glucose levels were high before she went IF. Any answers? She was on keto.

  47. Renee Anderson says:

    i am very inspired by this video so many things that was discussed I could identify with. i am new to keto but I know that this is the choice for me.

  48. Terri ketokooni says:

    I love this video. Its it o.k. too have no carbs? I am in bed now i am doing keto now and this is so inspirational. I am always in pain i Am always always in pain and taking the maximum meds. I just can wait to see the results.