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Meet A Woman Who Lost 50 Pounds Through Intermittent Fasting…

Meet A Woman Who Lost 50 Pounds Through Intermittent Fasting…

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  1. Voice Stories PH says:

    Wow. Nice

  2. New Flower says:

    I don’t see big difference

  3. Kevin Davies says:

    Fasting is one the best ways to lose weight since time immemorial, I don't know why this should be so strange to anyone…

  4. MsShyKs says:

    12 and 12 😩 Thats dumb .

  5. Asher Tucker says:

    The thing is find a fast that works for you. I do 48 hours per week. May not be a complete week and like a day over the next. My days can change however around the same time. In my case I do it for medical reasons. I suffer ibs and fatty liver diease. I have lost weight as a result and it helps with my stomach bloating and pain. I only drink liquids. No food what so ever and mostly just water or green tea black without any sugar or milk since it's just how I like it. However yes. It's okay to have a coffee with sugar and milk. Just no food. You can start to feel lightheaded and dizzy. However a simple coffee isn't going to break the fast. Especially if your up walking around. If your sitting at home doing nothing during your fast. Then yes just water. However days you are more active on your feet. Grab a coffee with sugar and milk or something. No milkshake's though. Slurpee's with a massive sugar content or fat.

  6. Sharron Harris says:

    It's great to see everyone's success with this.For the 8 hour window that you are eating, how many calories are you consuming?

  7. The Undertaker says:

    I'm gonna go 3 weeks without food

  8. Destinie D says:

    I’ve done this, and I have lost 81lbs in 7 months.

  9. Shane McSpice says:

    If I lost 50 pounds I would be a tiny lil stick

  10. Momona 7 says:

    I wish Dr sabi be alive. He has been talking all this for years.

  11. mandy Suazo says:

    Has anyone done this method that she does? And if so is it worth doing?

  12. Riley Red says:

    Eating breakfast became a necessity for farmers. They are constantly lifting pushing and pulling heavy things. They are in charge of 2000 lbs animals and acres of crops. Most people today dont do that so breakfast isn't always necessary.

  13. Bobby Thomas says:

    Save your existence. Fast.

  14. Aditi Siddharth says:

    Fasting is as old as time and is a part of so many cultures around the world.

  15. Johnny Bravo says:

    She must know someone on the show because she should of weighted till she lost all her fat. Then she wears tight cloths and looks fat again. Thick legs and all. Hey I'm only saying what everyone is thinking. She'll put that weight right back on if she stops IF. She should of done long term fasting for permanent weight loss.

  16. Johnny Bravo says:

    Hey she lost 50 lbs and has loose drippy skin because she did it incorrectly. I lost 286 lbs and I have zero lose skin and I completely cured my diabetes but that's not a story because she's a young woman with pretty much all wrong infomation. To just start there is no restraints on when you start your fast or when you want to eat. Jist another person who found a little info on fasting. Why not have an expert on? Ya'll

  17. Lori Freeman says:

    What you eat impacts more than the scale.

  18. L Cast. says:

    We Christians have been doing it too.😁🤣 this is a trend now? 😰

  19. karen w says:

    There’s a great subreddit on Reddit for anyone interested in IF. Also, look for Dr. Berg’s YT channel.

  20. April Millan says:

    Sad I won't be able to I'm loosing weight by eating what I want and only eat 2-3 times a day and 1 snack depending also how heavy the food was it will be only 2 times a day but I used to weight 220 now I weight 207 💪 I go to the gym 3-4 times a week work out for 1 1/2 hour and I only use the lyptical I think that's how u call it lol

  21. Shmuel Taurog says:

    Check out the 5 minute inspirational "The Shmuel taurog Show" on "You Tube".

  22. Fridah kisha says:

    I finish one month today of intermittent fasting.20 hours,4hours eating window.You have no idea how my tummy has dropped.My aim is till December which will be 6 months still doing the 20hours.I'm very patient with this process.This fasting works.I'm now going 48hours with no food….Let the clock keep on ticking……….

  23. X Dizzy says:

    I tried intermittent fasting but it’s not something That would transition into a life habit for me. Only fasting for whole days at a time is where I found success. With intermittent I’m constantly looking at the clock anticipating those feasting hours which in turn keeps you hungry. Digestion starts in the brain.

  24. Renu Mathur says:

    My question is: Can diabetes patients safely take the intermittent diet? Please reply. Thanks

  25. Wendy Rose says:

    thank god for the speed option on my computer cuz you ducks talk way too much

  26. Cassie Geraldine says:

    I started I eat once a day witch is dinner I drink water all day and maybe a cup of coffee this is amazing it's only my day 5 and woooow I'm so loosing the weight very fast I get up very early energised my skin is cleansing up I hated water now water is my best friend I'm so happy I can't wait to see my body after 2 weeks I do indoor work outs guys it's amazing