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Mummy Tummy | Identify the cause so you can fix it

Mummy Tummy | Identify the cause so you can fix it

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  1. Strong Mom says:

    Thanks so much for watching, I hope it helped you narrow down which type of mummy tummy you have. What was your biggest takeaway from this video?

  2. ArdelleVision says:

    You are hilarious. I don't have kids…but when i do, I now know what to do. bahaha you are so relatable. 🙂

  3. Stephanie Barstad says:

    I so needed to hear all of this after I had my kids, it took me way to long to figure it out on my own!! Great info for new moms!

  4. Layered Lady says:

    Great job! 100% on point, you really nailed this video. I love how in-depth you went.

  5. Your Best Designed Career says:

    I didn't know DR could be fixed non surgically! That's great news!

  6. The Restart Specialist says:

    The cause of mommy bodies for me is poor posture. I have poor posture for so long it is a very hard habit to break. I am still trying to put the pieces together but I think i will get there with reclaiming myself. I also blame #4 as well for part of the issue. Happily subscribed

  7. Rachel Varga BScN, RN, Advanced Aesthetic Nurse says:

    Hello beautiful! I'm so glad I came across your channel! I would love to suggest your videos for my clients who are about to, or have had a baby! Nice videos! Subscribed!!!

  8. James Schultz, Ph.D. says:

    "How the heck do you get rid of the mommy pooch?!?!?" Hahahhaa

  9. Heather Evans Coaching says:

    Thank you for reminding people to not make it the biggest focus of the day! Self-care is so important and I coach new mums all the time reminding them to be gentle with themselves during this period of transition. When I became a new mum, this was the most important piece of the puzzle!

  10. The Freedom Strategy says:

    Such a great video!! As someone who has had 5 kids I can totally relate! And posture!! Yes!! 🙂