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My style tips to hide a tummy (without shapewear) | Justine …

My style tips to hide a tummy (without shapewear) | Justine …

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  1. Ghazia Hassan says:

    What’s the name of designer who’s been designing high waisted pants?

  2. Felecia Massey says:

    I hear quite often patterns conceal a tummy as well. Thoughts?

  3. Sandy Mcdonald says:

    You look beautiful…love the earrings too .

  4. Milan Tosic says:

    Everything fits you well when you are tall and skinny like all the models in the pictures. I am sure the advice is good, but it doesn't show in the pictures unfortunately.

  5. KerryandRay Rosene says:

    I love it! Thanks so much!

  6. PaUradise says:

    I discovered you 2 days a go and I love your information and personality. But i want to ask something, why everybody makes videos for thin people? Specially a video on hiding the belly would be very nice see a model that actually have a belly…

  7. Steppenwolf sister says:

    I like your tips, but i get a bit weary listening to too much explanation. I think you could make it briefer

  8. Timi Sterr says:

    Hahaha! it's so funny! I clicked on this video, and the ad befor it was for Shapewear! so ironic, so wrong!

  9. Veronica Horton says:

    Best and most thoughtful content. Love your videos.

  10. Veronica Horton says:

    I've always had great results with drop waisted skirts and pants as well as some drop waisted dresses. Usually shorter length and where exactly that drop hits in the tummy area is crucial. So its a lot of trying things on of course.

  11. elisabeth deminiere says:

    Tellement loin de l’idée de futilité que l’on peut avoir de la mode : tes vidéos sont pratiques, utiles et intelligentes. (Et elles me font réviser mon Anglais 😂)j’adore. Merci Justine!

  12. Mary Kopp says:

    Add more pictures

  13. Laurie Tegen says:

    I love your lips today! What lipstick are you wearing ?

  14. Megan Finn says:

    I love your style. Your videos absolutely inspire me- thank you!!!!

  15. Bahamaria says:

    Maternity clothes by French brand Joli Bump are designed to look good and be comfortable whether you're pregnant or not. They're perfect to hide your belly in an elegant way.

  16. Linda's World says:

    Justine you are such a nice person.

  17. Amy zzz says:

    Very helpful! Thank you.

  18. ChelleBelle says:

    Shapewear ad before video 😂

  19. IveGotThis says:

    Love your channel! Watching this video I couldn't help notice what you are wearing. hair back, statement earrings, pretty neckline and no jewelry on your arms or fingers. you look stunning! I always wear rings and bracelets because they bring me joy to look ay but also because I feel unfinished in dressing. I'd love a video on when/what jewelry to wear or not wear. Are there rules? Like don't wear a ring on every finger? Thank you Justine!

  20. Izen DelRio says:

    Perfect! Now I know how not to look ridiculous 😂

  21. Perky Perkins says:

    I recently found this channel by accident. A very happy accident. Love your videos!!!

  22. Camila Danielle says:

    Great info!!

  23. Jennifer Rogerson says:

    Thank you I appreciate your ideas. They all work really well. In the last 5 years I have had more of a tummy then I have ever had. Lol, go figure, 5 kids can do that. Anyways, there is a trend about tucking in shirts and how a person looks frumpy if not. Personally I hardly ever tuck my shirts in. That's how I hide my tummy. It works to because most people think I'm way smaller then I actually am, which is good. I love a good top which is tight around the breast area and then flares out.

  24. anya Rendahl says:

    who else got an ad for shapewear before this video?

  25. emmylou3321 says:

    I'll add that there are many different types of belly, and different clothes that can hide them or, on the contrary, highlight them, depending on the shape. It's all about how the fat is distributed on your belly. It can be distributed under the belly button, which is typical in pear-shaped ladies. Or the fat could "start" higher, just above the breast; in that case the belly looks more prominent, just like a pregnant lady's one. So empire waist dresses are a big no-no because they would embrace the belly, making you look pregnant. The fat can be more evenly distributed, all around the stomach area, like an "extra layer" or more like rolls. In that case an empire waist dress could work. Or it could be distributed more in the love handles area. So understanding your shapes is very important

  26. emmylou3321 says:

    Empire dresses (and blouses) are terrible for a prominent tummy. They highlight the belly instead of camouflaging it. In fact they are very much used during pregnancy because yes they give more space to the belly and they allow the belly to grow comfortably but they do show the belly more, which is good and cute if you're pregnant but not very good if you are not in fact pregnant…

  27. Fisher Peace says:

    the only way is to lose the fat, because the tummy always show in some way

  28. vermilion says:

    i hate it, if the language of the description and the video does not match. Thumbs down for every video.

  29. Mary Stuart says:

    Thank you.

  30. emma goldman says:

    it would be much more effective to show women in the photos who actually have tummies. then we get a very clear visual. thin models look good in nearly everything, that’s why they are used.

  31. Jenny Wa says:

    Advertisement before this video started was for shape wear…

  32. Mary Murray says:

    Empire waist combined with an A-Line silhouette makes it less full below the bust and avoids the maternity look, for me anyway.

  33. Zineb Taieb says:

    J aime bien le thème ,
    Mais ce qui ma dérangé c'est les exemples que vous avez illustré, les models n'ont pas de surpoids donc on ne voit pas vraiment l effets des vêtements sur des filles qui ont du surpoids.

  34. Noelia Rocío says:

    I love this girl!!! ❤