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Personal Trainer Gets Fat on Purpose to See How Hard it is t…

Personal Trainer Gets Fat on Purpose to See How Hard it is t…

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  1. Will Alexander says:

    I have tried a number of weight reduction plans already but none of them provided me the results like I obtained because of this “Yamzοkο Weebly” (Google it) course. Even I am not feeding on much as I was previously, I still don’t really feel jittery or even sense a crash I have shed about 15 pounds ever since making use of this product. .

  2. G Gold says:

    So how did he loose the weight? Keto and exercise only? Someone tell me please? I weigh 86 kg now after my cs and I feel so unattractive.

  3. Sarah Burton says:

    Awesome! What a great guy!!

  4. Baboon says:

    No, there was a trainer a while back that did the same to help his obese patient gain some motivation, as they worked together to lose the weight

  5. Sea Vista says:

    I love his Story….Thanks for sharing….

  6. Dave Beecher says:

    Just thank you, really thank you

  7. sabah firdous says:

    not wanting to undermine the message but this guy looked so good with the extra weight

  8. I am Khai says:

    Actors do that for a role…

  9. Dstrbd Indian says:

    This is to share my weight loss journey and thanks to you for the inspiration.
    I lost 13 pounds in last 11 months , it sounds slow but I am so glad that I have achieved this through intermittent fasting, 24-48hrs water fasting, LCHF diet and mild exercise. it’s been an amazing journey from 6 meals (3 big and 3 snacks low fat diet) to OMAD (one meal a day). The biggest surprise was that I am losing fat from all parts like arms, belly and hips, but not from my face and bust line which was completely opposite what I experienced 10 years back when I was in UK with LCLF (low carbs low fat) diet and rigorous exercise almost 5-6 days a week. I enjoyed this transformation as well but once I was back in India , I couldn’t continue gym and gained back what I lost. Though my lifestyle changed from sugar laden meals to no sugar at all and occasional rice meals as we Indians love eating rice. I was always overweight but i started my weight loss journey in my 30s and now in 40s I was determined to find a sustainable way of losing and maintaining weight. I am glad that my brother introduced me to bullet coffee and Keto diet legends like you on YouTube. So big thanks to my bro and YouTube legends like you giving us an opportunities to understand the vast and new information on Keto and sustainable weight management options.
    My Tricks that worked on me are –
    0. I plan and cook my food from whole food with saturated fats like mustard oil, coconut oil, clarified butter , butter etc.
    0. I make sure that I move around a bit but depends on the day schedule
    0. If I have socialising events coming up – I fast the previous day and the following day to hit a balance and I just love it.

  10. Kenneth Halloran says:

    "Nobody cares about how much you know until they know how much you care" ~ Gold

  11. Healthy Living With Chris Gault says:

    Wow, that’s extreme but effective. Very interesting video. Thanks.

  12. Annie Pilates Physical Therapist says:

    Thanks for sharing , its really true that each person has an idea for fitness , no one fitness fits all method.

  13. Naomi Whittel says:

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    Enjoy! 😊