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S4 (Andarine) Week #1 of 5 review – Enhanced Athlete

S4 (Andarine) Week #1 of 5 review – Enhanced Athlete

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  1. Enhanced Mike Casarez says:

    I do cardio around 4:00 am and do weights after 6 pm when would it be the best time to dose s4 to my rat?

  2. Nissim Kakun says:

    hi my rat like to know if clean can combines with osta and s4?

  3. Danielle Dinant says:

    holy shit I searched and searched to see if anyone else had a clogged ear from s4 but couldn't find anything. about a week in my left ear was clogged for almost 3 days. I thought I was getting sick but nope. Went away though. I think it's the s4.

  4. Helen Gomes says:

    You look a lot leaner!

  5. MrDeathwish938 says:

    Running 4 andro max V2 on my rabbit ,what do you give yours to cut fat ?

  6. brent messner says:

    Love your videos, but when are you going to PCT? Wont your est be out of control on the two off days without nolva?

  7. DJLIFT says:

    Informative.  Looking forward to seeing how S4 works out for you.

  8. Mohamed Elramly says:

    Bro, i love your video, i learned a lot from you , keep up the good work
    PLEASE send me your email i'd like to get some personal consulting,

  9. Wetty Fap says:

    New sub here. My bunnie has been on 50mg of S4 7 days a week, split dose AM and PM. Currently in week 3 and stacking with GW. In week 2 Bunnie says he noticed when driving at night that lights appear more yellow, not sure if this is sides or mind playing tricks. Vision is still clear. On the plus side noticed hardening and gotten comments from others there is more definition in the legs and arms.
    Keen to follow your bunnies progress. Appreciate the advise.

  10. Beserkguy138 says:

    Aye anyone knows the intro song.

  11. Javier Navarro says:

    Your face looks leaner man

  12. mensa517 says:

    NewRoids gave you a shout out today. Have you bought or are you planning to buy any products from him?

  13. Jorge Gutierrez says:

    take one in am and one pre work out ull see the diffence

  14. Jorge Gutierrez says:

    so far i havent had any issues int the second week the strengh went way up cuts and vainz everywhere im on my 5 week now and the muscle have just started coming in almost over nite 7 lbs of muscle in 4 weeks

  15. Mega- D says:

    my saber tooth toad had yellow vision….trying sr9009 now

  16. Gio giii says:

    I can confirm, waking up & seeing the world green/yellow or/and walking into my house in broad day light & having to turn on all the lights cuz I cant see shit sucks lol

  17. Bruce Strong says:

    You're looking solid.

  18. Cee Aitch says:

    Do you expect SARMS to be illegal soon?
    Ain't you afraid of being the test bunny for this relatively new product?

  19. c v says:

    on cutting cycle
    huge has 25 mg for 60 days

  20. Wilson Vega says:

    like always awesome info on s4 love your stuff always look forward to seeing new video from you

  21. B-rad Rad says:

    nutrionaly dense foods bro..