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The Best Casual Clothes for Men Over 60 : Makeover Tips

The Best Casual Clothes for Men Over 60 : Makeover Tips

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  1. Tom Oberski says:

    Very tacky. Aweful!

  2. Bud Jeansonne says:

    That last shirt….holy cow !!! I think not.

  3. Si Señor says:

    Florida hell!

  4. Dave Beecher says:

    jeans? another. sad expert

  5. idaslpdhr says:

    I'm 64 and wouldn't be seen dead in that

  6. Billy Goat Gruff says:

    I stopped getting fashion advice from my mum about 50 years ago and don't plan on starting again…may she rest in peace.

  7. terminate with extreme prejudice says:

    Really, men today survive to their sixties?

  8. Baltic says:

    Rubbish. I would not want to look like this. Who is she to tell me about fashion? Please.

  9. Tim Barham says:

    She hasn’t got a clue. Is she in a charity shop. Dreadful video.

  10. ICE BLADE says:

    Proud that I'm 60 here and remember joking about getting older with friends and saying; "the scariest part of growing old is: WHAT the hell am I'm going to wear when I hit 60!" Let's face it, men's clothes are simply that. Just mens clothes. The same ol' boring crap. Not much to pick from REGARDLESS of age. Over the decades the shopping addiction scorched and my gawd, the money I spent was ridiculous. And the SHOES! Lost count,,,,had to label the outside boxes. Had no idea what was where. Sad! So NOW, that I am all grown up, I will continue to wear what I like and feel comfortable in. As long as those fashionistas continue to sew up and sling out those sexy XL SKINNY JEANS….I'm one happy silver fox! Hahahahahahahahaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa…….

  11. James Hamilton says:

    OMG my mom's still trying to dress me?

  12. L. A. McDonough says:

    Husband is retired, wears blues, grays, polos in blues grays and green shades. Some plain tee's, khaki shorts and jogger pants.

  13. Walter Sickinger says:

    If you are older and wish to dress with style look to the Italians…not middle America

  14. Scott Taylor says:

    Just shoot me

  15. Tom Rackham says:


  16. Steve O Show says:

    This 'so called style consultant' should get a reality check with what looks good for guys over 60.
    What's featured is so bland and middle of the road that it screams 'no sense of style' – guys over 60 (including myself) do have style but not with this outdated advice- and check shirts and that terrible multi coloured polo shirt would be hilarious if she wasn't serious..

  17. Oldmanroo's says:

    EUGH, no thanks.

  18. smalltown 777 says:

    wear overalls that what i do got 3 colors

  19. kev12364 says:

    The clothes are for men age over 70 ,I am 60 and would not wear any ..

  20. Keith Mitthun says:

    Boring clothes and colors, sorry but you are way off, I said Iwas 60 not 85.

  21. Sean John says:

    I was looking at her old sexy ass

  22. joe malicki says:

    oh no these old women would never try to look too young

  23. Herman Vernell says:

    Really you can't be serious with that crappie look.

  24. Rick S Barnes says:

    I am 64 and would not be caught dead in that-dressing to young? wtf is that?

  25. Matthew Sweeney says:


  26. Brad Rodman says:

    leave out the t-shirt
    and leave the plaid shirt sleave

  27. David Harber says:

    sorry but gross and totally boring, by the way, no belt?

  28. PrisciAlcantara says:

    Nice, longer video