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The BEST Fat Burning Workouts FOR MEN! (LOSE BELLY FAT FAST!…

The BEST Fat Burning Workouts FOR MEN! (LOSE BELLY FAT FAST!…

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  1. Laik Ahmed says:

    Those Romanian deadlifts are number 1 bullshit rest is pretty good.

  2. Michael Fannin says:

    Is there something wrong with your webpage. Can't access it to get the program.

  3. Marcel Hnr says:

    Be wary about doing these exercises, I did one of his exercises doing lots of dips pulls up and squats, I ended up damaging my left shoulder causing pain in my colar bone. I'm not saying don't do it,just be cautious.

  4. Don Powell says:

    The average guy will NEVER be able to start @135lbs doing milliary press and I don't see much people doing @165 either… especially in a circuit fashion.

  5. Frankie Jacob says:

    I actually couldn`t wait to test the fat loss plan “Yamzοkο Weebly” (Google it). This has given me enjoyment. My pal shed 10 pounds right after this particular weight loss program, I actually advise you view Google to discover how. .

  6. Chris Moerike says:

    I like these workouts because no cardio.

  7. Genghis Khan says:

    Jumping with a barbell, pressing behind neck 🤦🏻‍♂️this might burn fat but there’s a lot safer ways to achieve your goal.

  8. Andrew Lafite says:

    as a beginner could you do these using a Smith machine

  9. Tuck t says:

    Excellent series, best of all time !!!!

  10. Mokonachan92 says:

    I have tried many weight reduction programs already but none of them offered me the results like I obtained out of this “Yamzοkο Weebly” (Google it) process. Also I am not consuming much as I used to be, I still don’t truly feel jittery or perhaps feel a crash Ever since utilizing the tactics described in this program, I shed 15 pounds by now. .

  11. Julz Flex says:

    Jumping aspect is a recipe for disaster. I've based my entire life around functional training as well, and I'd advise against the jumps, especially if the weight is heavy.

  12. Romaine Athey says:

    You can learn more about workouts, health and bodybuildinf on Unflexal Workouts website.

  13. itspickelrick says:

    You look absolutely ridiculous doing jumping RDLS. Bad for your knees, back, your channel.

  14. EWHITEFLIX says:

    Oh ya hes getting hurt soon

  15. Mitt Romney says:

    A lot of cry babies here about jumping with the weight. THAN DON'T do it!!! Now go cry 😭

  16. Ivan Lopez says:

    Im going give you a fuck off

  17. Zainuri kamsi says:

    You got a great system for fat loss and kill belly fat too..but..as long as I could see it ..jumping TDL only can be performing by advance gymers with strong legs.

  18. Paul Colloff says:

    🙌🙌🙌 I'm humbled doing these workouts but man do I feel good after 🙈

  19. Hulk Rise says:

    Need to spend time in medical after doing this

  20. rob andone says:

    Skip this one folks. It will wreck your knees and lower back.

  21. Arsenal Forever ! says:


  22. Chad Prey says:

    Did this work out today, and it kicked my ass! Great for cardio too! Question: What if one of the lifts are weaker than the others? The overhead press is currently my weakest of these exercises. I could have done more weight overall if I didn't have to compensate for the press. Any thoughts?

  23. Robert Cameron says:

    Absolutely love your latter of death! My co-workers can't believe I do it! At 45 I managed to climb the latter in just over 12 minutes a week ago bro. Thank you

  24. GC Bigfoot Hunter says:

    Thanks my wife started the other program. It is exhausting. Good job

  25. Zeb Nicklin says:

    You become efficient of course, that's when you up the anty!

  26. Elite Cherry says:

    At first why are you not in great shape…not start taking something to look better ok….just do something more right that you can present what you preach.
    Secondly. Why Cardio burns fat is very easy …. like you have to do it right with the weights to gain muscles you have to use cardio right to lose fat and stay in shape. LISTEN the red blood cells are binding oxygen. The more oxygen in the blood the more fat burning in a far easier way. A lot of people without steroids are not losing the big shit of fat to looking really good shaped because they never build up enough red blood cells.
    Next One: If your results are increasing in your cardio sessions your body is better in shape, in cardio vascular manner and on the cellular level – That means your Cells especially your Mitochontrines are more intelligent and trained to burn fat … faster and easier.
    To use cardio right is all known by the top guys…like on empty stomach
    Or the coolest way, listen guys, 4-5 gramm omega or cla 60 min before training… do a little warum up 12-15 min really easy to rise your thermogenesis (burn fat on a certain level) and make your body ready to burn the fat while moving (training). After the training it takes just 20-30 min (depends on your level) to do cardio on a moderate level not to slow but not fast. To burn right away fat in a really good quality way. The myth of burning muscle in that time is a dummy lie … only told by the nutrition industry … all real studies show totally different results. If you are still scared take BCAA before and be happy. That system can equals a cardio session of 60-80 min in just 20-30 minutes. So you are saving time and get better in shape for health and daily life.
    I could go on … but if you want to ask something just ask. Good Days Guys

  27. ZEUS O. says:

    Without a power rack you could do something similar with dumbbells.

  28. Zach Hyde says:

    HA! “This isn’t a hinge movement where we are just loading up the spine…” those words just came out of your mouth… just stop dude I am embarrassed for you

  29. dezza718 says:

    Alex Viada does cardio

  30. Joe Kanaan says:

    I thought I watch a video that you made that told me to do this workout
    10 reps
    All the way to 1 am I wrong ?
    Except I added hang cleans

  31. Jay Smith says:

    Vince… is there any benefit to just getting on a treadmill and walking for 20-30 minutes? Isn’t it good for your heart?

  32. Roa says:

    Something for beginners who are fat and don't actually pick up a fucking 50kg

  33. Juan Doe says:

    I like one called a bear complex.
    7 round of:
    5 deadlifts
    5 hang cleans
    5 Front squats
    5 Push Press
    5 Back Squats

    Try it!

  34. Johnathan. Aviles says:

    What's it like being a laughing stock of the fitness industry?

  35. drturkey100 says:

    I m scared

  36. Jason Bois says:

    What if your overhead press is much weaker? Do you do less weight to allow yourself to catchup in that area ?

  37. Andre N says:

    Great exercises to degenerate your lumbar discs quickly.

  38. Imran cta cta says:

    this worksouts do once in week

  39. Prayaas Bhagat says:

    Hi, do we have to do this routine daily during a week or once/twice in a week?

  40. MERICA Guns, freedom and love. says:

    I'm 17.

    I've been working out basically every day but thurs and weekends for around 8 hours. I was 300 in two months I only lost 10 pounds. Last summer i worked out the same amount of time and lost 30 pounds in 2 months.

  41. Constantine Lambiris says:

    Ive seen a few of this guy’s videos and he’s all bro science. Cardio is not meant to burn fat and lose weight. When he’s makes the statement “Fuck Cardio” he’s validating his lack of fitness understanding. Someone, a long time ago, made an article that cardio is great for losing weight and besides the fact that statement is completely false it caught on and companies ran with it. Cardio is good for your heart and increases stamina. There’s a reason why most of these guys are out of breath after a heavy set, they don’t have endurance. I’m not big on cardio but I will run half a mile and do a 1000 meter row as a warm up.

  42. Cael Acsia says:


  43. R.J. W says:

    Jumping after a deadlift while holding the weight? Absolutely ridiculous. I could give a fuck less how ripped or shredded he is. Not only is it dangerous but it's completely non-functional. When would one EVER need to do that type of motion in real life? Fucking ridiculous…

  44. N-tox says:

    This is for professionals

  45. OFWGKTA says:

    hey Vince I'm 5ft 10 and weigh 315 lbs. in all fat but I do want to get like you are all your videos for obese men like myself? also can I add other workouts to work on after doing these? It mean a lot to me if you could email in detail what I really should do

  46. Anthony Hernandez says:

    I’m tired of seeing bigger dudes who have good genetics (don’t want to hear the bull shit “genetics don’t matter because it fucken does) saying “oh don’t do long periods of slow cardio it’s bad for you it does nothing for you” like yes it does we won’t lose the weight that you guys do with a 10 minute session of cardio lifting……10 minutes isn’t shit no matter how intense it is