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Vlog# 73- R.I.P Meeko| Potty Training Struggles| Planner Tal…

Vlog# 73- R.I.P Meeko| Potty Training Struggles| Planner Tal…

You can as well watch it on the original source: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=a2WSa8MjhsY

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  1. keisha james says:

    Hw many mounts are u

  2. keisha james says:

    I'm so sorry bout that love always praying for yall

  3. Paula Powell says:

    Wait…Why was he with a "Foster Family" if your family was around?? very confused about that!!

  4. LADIT82 says:

    The best way to potty train a boy is to sit him backwards on the toilet that way all his pee will go in and not on the floor

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  6. Im so sorry for your lost! I couldn't imagine losing my dog!I can't believe how big Zarian has gotten!! I feel like I've watched him grow up! hahaha!

  7. shia32 H says:

    Good job Z

  8. lil k Scott says:

    Sorry for you lost but I love your videos

  9. Kiara Hale says:

    Love your planner! So cute!

  10. I should definitely start journaling. I have a textbook size journal I haven't written in just yet so I think I will use that to start planning and journaling.

  11. Don't say this vlog wasn't interesting because it was! I really enjoyed this and omg Zarian is so good with his talking. He is also doing amazing with potty training! I'm going to try get Oliver to start using the toilet tomorrow. Ive been doing it but haven't stayed consistent so this has inspired me to get him potty trained for real lol. I love your new house by the way, it looks so spacious. Can't wait for the next video 😀 xx

  12. "those are gonna come in handy" "candy?" 😂😭😂😂 that's me

  13. Anne V87 says:

    I liked it. I rarely think my vlogs are interesting. I enjoyed this one.

  14. Kylee Lee says:

    So wait you're teaching him to sit down and pee? Opposed to lifting the toilet seat and standing up? Is this just for now or how you want to do it or just how it's gonna be period?

  15. your hair is beautiful and looks healthy

  16. you should get the little seat that sits on the potty and it has a little thing to cover it so it won't go everywhere

  17. What is anthropology?

  18. rip meeko u such a great mom I ❤your vlogs

  19. Brianna Love says:

    I cried ugh r.i.p. Meeko! 😔

  20. OurTiniestWe says:

    RIP Meeko ❤️

  21. R.i.p meeko sorry for your loss

  22. Jayda King says:

    Sorry for our lost.

  23. Rip Meeko 🙏🏿😭 you will be missed

  24. Sorry for your loss RIP Meeko!!

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  26. awww I'm sooo sorry for your lost

  27. Mimi'slife says:

    Once again R.i.p meeko ❤️ youll be missed 😭

  28. Lisa sanford says:

    I don't like dogs ,but I'm sorry for your lost.i know your family loved that dog trying to find a happy home for meeko.im so so sorry

  29. Alexis H says:

    Sorry about Meeko

  30. aisha nokes says:

    u are in my prayers im sorry for ur loss

  31. KeniP1221 says:

    I'm not sure if you have him in underwear or not but I have my two year old boy in underwear during the day and he sleeps in pull ups at night. And he's mostly dry when he gets up. He has been potty trained since his second birthday in February with accidents here and there.